Editing overview
The main feature of this filing system is the possibility of editing every single clip creating some punctual valorizations, namely real editing cuts which can be:
    downloaded in their original resolution by extrapolating them from the original clip
    added to sequences for creating playlist
Every user can make his valorization, therefore, every clip can be valorized by several users on several points. Valorization is such because the values (descriptions, titles, details and rating) populate the database , enrich and diversify it with several meaning linked to single clip, takes of clip or sounds.
For example
We have sarched the word “cielo” by using the first mode namely by searching for a keyword in the whole (in All folders and All Projects). Database returns a range of findings ; we select a clip (double click) and decide to valorize (logging, editing, cutting,adding and describing) a single take of the selected clip. Then we click on “LOG” button on the right column (picture 16).
(picture 16)
At this point the editing screen will appear in a new browser panel (picture 17).
(picture 17)
From that new page , our contents can be edited.
Nota bene:
If , during a working session, you can use an extended desktop in two monitors, it will be very easy to keep the editing page opened in fullscreen mode on a monitor and the search page on the other one. Just like a common editing system.
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