Databases structure and access to resources
All the material is structured in Folders and Projects. Folders contain catalogued material of a given collection in the form of Project.
On first entry, the system is preset in All Folders and All projects
(picture 2)
By selecting a Folder , all its materials will appear in the column of Projects. As shown in the figure below, by clicking on MMAV you can see all its projects.
(picture 3)
Double clicking on a Project , all its materials will appear in the middle column. As shown in the picture below, by selecting the Project Archivio Fipa 2014 the system will allow you to see all the contents of the project.
(picture 4)
At this point , it will be enough to double click on one of the listed resources for watching its proxy (the content of the clip in low resolution quality).
(picture 5)
On the right column you can get more details about the characteristics and the original video format of the selected clip. Moreover it will be possible describe and comment on it.
In detail:
(picture 6)
As you can see , comments field is filled by a directory (figure 6) /home/mmav/MMAV/Archivio Fipa 14/paterno_ark_festival/Girato-GabrieleAbbruzzese/MVI_4029.MOV. This kind of information is automatically saved as soon as the file is acquired by software. It reports the structure of the disk path from which the file has been entered.
Users can change the content of this field with a more descriptive comment.
Note: The greater part of resources reports, currently, this structure lacking in description, precisely because valorization * (thought of as a collaborative work) can be developed through cooperation by several users who want to contribute to enter new metadata on existing collections : for interest, for taking care or for fun.
* The term “valorization” is used to point out the change from a mute media (without any descriptions) to an interactive one which appears searchable and capable of trasmittng informations.
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